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Ancient Dragon
Ancient Dragon
Ancient Dragon
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Ancient Dragon
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Dragons group in five flights that claim ancestry to the greatest of their kind. Each color is proud of its heritage and lineage. Red, noble, honourable, protectors of all life. Blue, mystical energy above everything else. Green, that which keeps one calm, focused, adept and relentless. Bronze, keepers of the time and wisdom. Black, unimaginable abilities. The Ancient Dragonflight represents all these colors at once and takes its power from its members to defeat all their enemies.
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Katarinthia, Oct 16, 11 12:05 PM.
You want to become a member of the Ancient Dragonflight but would like some more insight to being proper dragon material? Or are you already a member and not sure on some things? Well this is the place to find your answers.

  • AD is an ENGLISH ONLY guild. That's fine and dandy if you can speak multiple languages, but English MUST be used in guild channel. Failure to do so may result in a warning, or a demote depending on the rank already.
  • Every AD member, whether male or female, young or old, new or experienced, is just another human being on the other side of their character. Treat them with the respect they deserve.
  • If another member has acted wrongly towards your or another member, and an officer has not been online during the acts, please send one of us a PM with screenshots of the offenses, and we will take the actions we see fit to correct the behavior.
  • If you notice someone underperforming, don't act smug about it and use it to your advantage. Help them out, or ask an officer experienced in that class to help them. If you notice yourself underperforming, do the same. Because if you or another person do not notice, trust me, one of us officers will. Either way you'll get help.


AD has different ranks just like every other guild. But we have certain restrictions on each one.

  • Whelp. This is our trial rank. All newcomers are Whelps for two weeks while we test you out. Meaning, if you screw up just once in the two weeks you're Whelp, we will kick you from the guild with no warnings at all. Adios muchacho.
  • Drake. This is the common rank you'll see most people on. You can take very few things from the vault, and need to ask an officer to withdraw items from most tabs. You remain at this rank until we see fit you deserve any other ranks.
  • Wyvern. A single step up from drake, but a nice difference in guild vault responsibility. Be cautious though, we do have logs going.
  • Ancient Dragon. Officer rank. Only people who pull their weight more than others get this upgrade and only as the officers present see fit.
  • Dragon Overlord. Guild master rank.

Guild Vault

  • Please only deposit VERY useful Azeroth items (not shit or old as hell mats).
  • Try to keep the gear you deposit level 70 and over.
  • Be wise in what you deposit. Grays? Really? Just sell it to a vendor.
  • If you notice the vault getting full, please notify an officer.
  • If there's something you want, but you don't have the rank to get it, ask an officer who is BY THE GUILD VAULT. Do not harass one that is on the other side of the world. We will not help you. At least I won't anyway.
  • For glyphs, it's nice that you want to be helpful, but please only distribute ones that will be extremely useful to each class. It might take some research, but it's more helpful than hindering the long run.

Raiding and Loot Distribution

  • Ninjas will NOT be tolerated. Though we understand that autoloot can sometimes be a pain, if someone says you looted something on accident, don't stand there and argue. Check your bags. If you do not return the items to the raid leader within five minutes, you will be kicked from both the raid, and the guild.
  • Please stock up on food AND scrolls AND potions BEFORE entering a raid. You usually have plenty of time to kill anyway, why not do something useful and not wait for the pots tab to be opened on the vault? That's being lazy and not showing any initiative at all.
  • Pull your own weight. If you see someone slacking in your own class/spec, see if they'd like some help in how to better their dps. But don't mock them for something painfully obvious like "WTF ARE YOU WEARING GREENS FOR?". Um, maybe that's why they're in a group? To replace those items? I don't know, it's a wild hunch!
  • If you screw up, you will be warned by officers. If you continue to screw up, you will be kicked from the raid. By screw up, I mean continuously standing in the wrong spot on the same encounter, taunting bosses that don't need taunting, dpsing bosses and mobs we're not even on.
  • Loot distribution. Now this is a bit complicated and many factors go into it. It's best to just let officers discuss it in /o channel, but here's a rundown of what we look for: Is the character a main or an alt? How often do they raid? How helpful have they been up to this point? Does his/her gear really need this upgrade like they say? Those are just a few things we look for when things get sticky.
  • Don't bitch and whine and throw a fit if you don't win something. It's not the end of the world. You can do the instance once a week with the character you wanted gear on. Better luck next week.
  • If you are a hardcore PvPer, and only raid occasionally, ROLL FOR OFFSPEC ROLLS WHEN WE PROVIDE THEM. It is thoroughly unfair to the hardcore raiders if you come on the occasional raid and win something they could really use. Don't be greedy!
  • PLEASE DO RESEARCH ON YOUR CHARACTERS. I have note cards for each one of my characters and each of their specs showing what stats I need for who. It's a really helpful system for those with more than two characters. But even if you have just two, you need to know what stats will do what for you, and which don't benefit you at all.
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Restoration (20)
Arcane (20)
Fire (20)
Frost (20)
Holy (10)
Protection (10)
Discipline (20)
Holy (20)
Shadow (20)
Assassination (20)
Combat (20)
Subtlety (20)
Elemental (20)
Enhancement (20)
Restoration (20)
Affliction (20)
Demonology (20)
Destruction (20)
Arms (20)
Fury (20)
Protection (20)
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